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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q). How soon do I need to order? 
A- Typically I book about 6-8 weeks in advance, sometimes sooner if the weekend is popular.

(Q). Can I order single cookies? 
A- Unfortunately No, I only take orders of cookies by the Dozen (12), Minis are a minimum of 2 Dozen. 

(Q). How long are the cookies good for? 
A- Heat sealed cookies can stay fresh up to 2-3 weeks, at room temperature.

(Q). Do I have to pay in full?
A- No, I only require a $20 deposit and the rest can be made in payments as long as your order is paid in full by the Sunday before your order.  If your order is not paid in full, I hold the right to cancel your order for non-payment. 

(Q). Do you make Samples? 
A- No, I do not make samples, but I have tons of Holiday Sales during the year. This is a great time for you to snag some tasty cookies without a minimum, most sales starts at just $5.


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