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Sweet Packages

2024 Pricing
As of 1/1/2023 Due to the increase in products and availability price has increased slightly. I thank you guys for the continues business & referrals that come my way. I hope to keep offering great tasting & beautiful cookies without letting go of quality products.

I- $65

1 Dozen Sugar Cookies
in any design, & does

not include characters.
Cookies are 3-5 inches


Corporate or Business Logos

Take advantage of Corporate Pricing by placing an order with logos or business colors.There will be a minimum.

BarnYard Cookies

III- $80

1 Dozen Full Size Cookies &
 1 Dozen Mini cookies in any design, & excluding characters.



$5- Add-Ons

Add-ons are added to any packages for Character Faces, Gold/glitter Accents and Logos. 


IV- $95

18 Full Size Cookies & 1 Dz Mini cookies. In any design, does not include characters.

5x7 Proposal boxes are available, they start at $14/box. And include 2 cookies heatsealed and tied with tulle/twine. No minimum

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